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Programming Languages break into two main categories, Compiled Languages, and Interpreted Languages. Knowing the difference can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of any language you may approach throughout your career.

Compiled Languages

When you write any code into any Compiled Programming Language, like the C family languages (such as C, C++, C#, Objective-C, etc.), you need to run a Compiler and convert your code into a binary program, which the machine can read natively.

In sort, a compiler converts your human-readable program into machine code. A set of zeroes and ones the CPU can understand; if compilers didn’t exist, we’d…

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I recently started writing a bit, mainly because I like it, and I feel it involves you much more than merely reading.

While writing in English is not easy, especially for a non-native speaker like myself, it offers excellent ways to improve your knowledge.

The question I want to ask myself today is:
“Should I focus on reading more books or writing more articles?”

I work in the Software Development field, like many writers here on Medium. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, writing code, taking notes, and speaking with customers.

It’s a busy job…

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So, you want to take your first steps into Web Development. Why don’t we start by talking about Web Servers?

Before talking about the software nature of Web Servers, let’s briefly explain what a Server is.

A Server is a machine designed to compute requests and deliver data across a network. You’ve most likely already seen a server, maybe from some TV Show or on the Internet. Data centers contain tons of servers, which usually look like big shiny boxes full of LEDs.

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There are quite a few Operating Systems out there. Most people run Windows on their computer, while Android is considerably popular in the Mobile Devices market.

What’s an Operating System, though?

The most important piece of software

An Operating System is software running on a device that provides an interface between the end-user and the machine’s hardware. It provides a user-friendly environment to run applications.

The first Operating Systems were non-graphical, and users interacted with the system by using the command line.

Without an Operating System, a computer serves no use.

Another essential purpose of any OS is to allow highly efficient use of the hardware…


It’s 2021. Last year has been challenging and, many of us took advantage of the quarantine to study new topics or improve our software development skills.

As years go by, new technologies keep arising, and many of us often find it challenging to keep track of what’s changing.

What’s the best way to proceed?

Should we follow every new trend? We should not, of course, however

When I first started studying programming and computer science in general, people started telling me I will need to keep on learning new stuff, even after school, for the entirety of my career.


Michael Armani

Web Developer, passionate reader, human being.

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